Public Safety

Warning systems are widely used to support the general public in case of natural disasters, including tornado, tsunami, refineries and nuclear plants. The warning systems must present high availability in the most demanding conditions, and in many cases operate in a widespread geographical area.


The SCADA system is mandatory for any public safety warning system, as it is used to monitor the health of the siren sites; power system, amplifiers, and site security. It provides dynamic control capabilities, including different messages to different areas.


The SCADA system can address different scenarios of emergency, through full automation, or with human intervention. The system should be flexible enough to accept changes that are required during a threatening event.


In the last few years, the school and campus security and the safety of the student are growing applications. The solution can be as simple as an alarm system with high availability to the dispatch center, or an advance solution. The advanced solutions integrate video surveillance, integration to the 911 system and remote control of access to different areas based on different pre-planned scenarios and reaction to real-time development.