Star Controls’ total offering includes System Integration (SI) and Professional Services (PS) for managing the implementation efforts for any project size. The company utilizes most modern project management and quality methodologies and technologies, to guarantee on-time completion while complying, and in many cases exceeding, system’s specifications. The Star Controls approach to SI utilizes a team of specialists, experienced in the integration of Star Control and non-Star Controls components into an overall turnkey system solution.

The professional services team is composed of a Project Manager and the required support members. To directly support the project, Star Controls assigns Design Engineers, Application/Software Engineers, Field Engineers and Account Managers. For the duration of the project, these resources will be available to support the Project Manager from system design through final system acceptance. In addition, Star Controls’ professional services group provides on-going support of the system design, installation, optimization, testing, and training.

A diagram showing all the tasks typically and generally involved in the system integration is shown below.

Star Controls’ total offering includes System Integration

Star Controls Project Management Process

The Project Management process is an established, recognized discipline, with structured methods in defining objectives and establishing contracts. Upon the contract award, Star Controls will provide one dedicated Project Manager to supervise the order entry process, shipping, installation, testing, optimization, acceptance test procedures and training associated with the proposed system.

The Project Manager (PM) has the full responsibility for the successful completion of the project and will be the primary focal point for all communications between customer and Star Controls during the system implementation phase. This will allow for smooth and timely installation. The Project Manager is fully authorized by the Star Controls management to make all decisions necessary to facilitate the implementation of the new system (or expansion, optimization). This individual will also have the full authority to direct all members of the Star Controls project team with respect to any aspect of the project.

In addition, this individual will have direct access to senior Star Controls management to ensure a rapid resolution of any major contractual issues that may arise during the implementation of the new system. The Project Manager will be directly responsible for the following:

  • Project planning, scheduling, controls and contract administration.
  • Project design, manufacture, pre-installation testing and shipment.
  • System inventory, scheduling and security. System installation, optimization and testing.
  • System documentation, acceptance testing and project acceptance.


Star Controls Field and Application/Software Engineering Process

Star Controls will supply appropriate engineering support during all phases of the system design and installation, from needs analysis through implementation and to final system acceptance. Star Controls’ engineers will translate customer requirements into a customized communication system that meets their needs and in accordance to the technical specifications requested. They will select the best combination of products for the job and ensure functional and operational compatibility.

The Application/Software Engineering team consists of a Lead Project Engineer who is responsible for the technical integrity of the entire network and for ensuring that the system, as designed and installed/optimized, meets the detailed functional requirements. The Lead Project Engineer possesses years of experience in system implementations.

Application/Software/Field Engineers are responsible for the configuration, performance, optimization and proof of performance of the overall system. Project/Field Engineers are also responsible for the detailed design, analysis, specification and performance of the Computer system and software.