Who We Serve

So who do we help, and how do we help them? Star Controls provides IIoT (including SCADA) solutions to different markets as represented below. Our team has gained practical experience through many projects in the different vertical markets. Our team members are valued by our customers and partners as THE Subject Matter Experts in different aspects and areas. In order to help you navigate through some basics knowledge of the IIoT and SCADA here is some basic information on the different markets we’ve supported. For more information please contact us at



The IIoT and SCADA systems are the IT (Information Technology) backbone the facilitates the organization with an essential data in real time. The information is critical for Operation and Maintenance (O&M) in order to make right decisions.   In the last decade, the industry has gone through major changes, leveraging the public wireless networks (e.g. cellular) and the cloud infrastructure. These technologies, which are under the IIoT, simplify the access to the information and make it available to many markets and end-users that couldn’t afford it before. Yet, these technologies also present a cyber-security risk of an unauthorized access to the infrastructure. So although the basic requirements for the monitoring and control systems haven’t been changed, the technologies that are used today present opportunities, as well as potential risks that must be addressed.