The high availability of quality electrical power, with “zero tolerance” to short in supply, is the main objective of the electric utilities, which makes the SCADA system a critical component for its operations.


The SCADA system remotely monitors and controls the electrical grid; from the generation plants, through transmission and distribution networks. It monitors the different parameters of power quality, such as voltage, current, phase, VARs, power factor and harmonic distortion.


The SCADA system will also detect faults and isolate them while providing service restoration routines. Fast response time and timestamp information are critical features for the SCADA RTU in the Electric utility market.


The introduction of the IIoT technologies and services provides the utilities to access to additional information that was either hard or expensive to get. Additional measurements from the power distribution grid, as well as real-time power consumption from of large industrial and commercial customers, enables the utilities to better balance product vs. load, detect a problem before they turn to a fault and fast isolation of fault.