Who we are

Star Controls is a leading provider of Industrial IoT (IIoT) and M2M solutions, including SCADA and Communications systems for the Water and Electric Utilities, Oil & Gas, Public Safety, and other markets. The solutions that Star Controls offers are also major components in the Smart City and Smart Grid projects.

Star Controls

Meet the Stars

The Star Controls team includes Subject Matter Experts in different areas and aspects, in which enables a holistic view of the needs and challenges. The team has successfully implemented various projects nationwide and worldwide.

Not Just “Another Controls Vendor”

So what distinguishes us from the “rest of the crowd”? First and foremost, we’re not here solely to close a one-time deal and move on to the next customer. In fact, we’d like to see ourselves more as your IIoT and SCADA Partner, rather than just a vendor.


Case Studies, White Papers, & Testimonials

Our relationships are based on on-going needs, analysis and delivery and Knowledge Transfer, to pave the road for customer’s self-sufficiency. Our customers and business partners trust us and rely on our team.

Key Projects

  • Deerfield Beach, Florida – Water Utility
  • Orange County, Florida – Water Utility
  • City of Orlando, Florida – Water Utility
  • West Palm Beach, Florida – Water Utility
  • Martin County, Florida – Water Utility
  • City of Orlando, Florida – Water Utility
  • John County, Florida – Water Utility
  • Pinellas County, Florida – Water Utility
  • Mount Pleasant Waterworks, South Carolina – Water Utility
  • Honolulu Board of Water, Hawaii – Water Utility
  • Johns River Water Management District, Florida – Water Management Agency
  • South Florida Water Management District, Florida – Water Management Agency
  • Bahamas Water & Sewerage Corporation – Water Utility
  • Detroit Edison, Michigan – Electric Utility
  • Grenada Electric, Grenada – Electric Utility
  • Petrobras, Brazil –Oil & Gas Offshore Platforms
  • Hawaii Independent Energy – Oil & Gas
  • NYPD/NYCT, NYC, New York – Network Fault Management
  • Palm Beach School District – Public Safety; School Monitoring
  • UIS, Detroit, MI – SCADA Integrator