The SCADA system is your first line of defense against infrastructure failure. What happens if those defenses are compromised?


You can count on Star Controls unique holistic approach that will provide you with a reliable, secure, flexible and resilient system to monitor and control your critical infrastructure in a risky world. Understanding that SCADA is not just a technology, Star Controls covers other aspects such as in-house skills, operational and maintenance, organizational culture, and financial limitations.


From needs analysis and advisory to design and implementation of your SCADA system, our team will partner with you, and guarantee that the SCADA system will serve you for many years. In addition, during the implementation and life cycle of the SCADA system, Star Controls facilitates the customer with knowledge and tools that increase the self-sufficiency.


Star Controls also has vast experience in integrating the SCADA system to other enterprise applications, such as GIS, NRW, CRM, Hydrology, Billing, and others.