SCADA Software & LDS


VTScada by Trihedral

Why do we love Trihedral’s VTScada SCADA software? Simply because it’s easy to install, configure and support.


Customers develop their acquaintance and self-sufficiency with this software more easily than any other SCADA software on the market. Among many features, VTScada is the only SCADA software that automatically mirrors data changes in its database to the user interface and vice-versa.


With it’s powerful and easy to change HMI, customers can easily deploy and modify screens and logic. We are also a proud Trihedral Advanced Integrator.

InTouch by AVEVA

AVEVA InTouch is award-winning HMI visualization software that empowers customers to achieve their quest for operational excellence.


InTouch goes beyond simplistic graphics to enable application builders to focus on creating meaningful content that will drive enterprise-wide operations productivity and cost savings. InTouch empowers operators to optimize their routine human interactions with industrial automation systems. This results in a quantifiable net increase in operator effectiveness. Our unique approach through situational awareness libraries provides contextualized information that operators need to quickly and accurately address abnormal situations before they impact operations.


Used in more than one-third of the world’s industrial facilities, in virtually every country and industry, InTouch HMI software continues to deliver business value in engineering simplicity, operational agility and real-time performance mastery.


Experience Wonderware:

  • Stunning process graphics and out-of-the-box ready-to-use symbol library
  • Increase operator effectiveness with improved situational awareness
  • Make better decisions in real time
  • Increase operational and engineering productivity
  • Accelerate operator training
  • Securely access your system from any device, anytime, anywhere

GE iFix

Faster, more intelligent control and visibility into your operations with best-in-class GE HMI/SCADA – iFIX.


Take Charge of Your Operations
iFIX from GE Digital is the industrial automation system of choice for many applications, ranging from common HMI, as simple as manual data entry and validation, to complex SCADA, such as batch, filtration, and distributed alarm management. With iFIX, you gain secure agility, enabling better decision making to drive results.Thousands of organizations globally use iFIX for its robust engine, rich set of connectivity options, open architecture, and scalability.
Reliability for Your Operations
With your iFIX solution, expect to have impressive visualization tools, enhanced mobility, and a reliable control engine. Our award-winning software also delivers the outstanding flexibility and scalability your changing organization needs.
Connectivity Drives Results
GE’s I/O drivers enable powerful data connections to your devices for control, data acquisition and visualization. We test all drivers in our labs, with partners and in the field, to ensure your device connections will be reliable and fast.


Consistency with iFIX Embedded
Utilize the wide array of next generation, embedded devices while adopting a consistent software platform at all levels. iFIX Embedded delivers the power, flexibility and scalability of iFIX on an embedded operating system.
Better Visualization Across Screens
Dynamic resolution for graphics means more efficient rendering and reduces CPU footprint. Deploy iFIX graphics on widescreen monitors, LCD TVs, and different aspect ratio screens, as well as move iFIX graphics from one resolution to another.
Intelligence: Anywhere, Anytime
Drive faster response—anywhere, anytime—with iFIX delivered to your device of choice. You can support your operators with the information they need, at their fingertips, to enable better decision making and prevent mistakes.

Leak Detection

Asel-Tech Pipeline Leak Detection System

Asel-Tech is the industry leader in the Pipeline Leak Detection Systems (LDS) for the Oil & Gas and Water markets. For decades Asel-Tech has focused on continuous improvement and constant innovation of its technology, products and solutions. The company has accomplished the highest technological development with its leading RLDS (Remote LDS). Asel-Tech’s RLDS demonstrates the most FAST, RELIABLE and ACCURATE Detection and Location of leaks.


Asel-Tech offers an advanced ILDS (integrated LDS) that integrates two detection techniques that are defined by the API-1130; the Acoustic (Negative Pressure Wave) and the Mass Balance technologies. Asel-Tech LDS utilizes Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network and Spurious Noise Filtering technique, which demonstrates unparalleled performance and eliminates False Alarms. This allows Asel-Tech LDS to locate a small leak in a few seconds and with location accuracy of 100 meters. Asel-Tech has a large global successful install base.