Communications and Networks

The communications and networks are the most critical components of the IIoT and SCADA systems. The success or failure of the system is in most cases due to a good/bad design of this part of the system. The IIoT and SCADA present totally different challenges than the local factory floor automation. The IIoT and SCADA systems are counting on Wide Area Networks (WAN), and not just Local Area Networks (LAN). The challenges in designing and implementing networks for the IIoT and SCADA include a hybrid of different media (wireless, fiber optics, line), legacy and analog technologies, new advanced IP technologies, network topologies and protocols. All together must serve the specific application and demonstrate high availability and resiliency.

Star Controls is THE Subject Matter Expert in communications for IIoT and SCADA systems. The company has gained practical experience that positions it as an advisor, designer, and implementer of networks for any IIoT and SCADA application. Through the years Star Controls has designed and implemented wireless networks for Mission Critical applications. The team developed redundancy and “cluster” communications schemes that guarantee super-high-available and secured networks.

If you plan on having an IIoT or SCADA system or need to optimize or troubleshoot an existing system, contact us at, so we can advise and assist as needed.

The following list some network technologies and skills that we have implemented in different applications.

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

  • Public Wireless Cellular, WiFi
  • Cellular Infrastructures
  • IP Wireless Private Networks
  • Private Wireless Networks UHF, VHF, 800MHz, 900MHz, Spread Spectrum, Trunking, Broadband (e.g. Cambium networks) : Data Radios by CalAmp, GE MDS and others, Voice grade networks by Motorola, such as Astro and MotoTRBO
  • IP Networks
  • Fiber Optics
  • Satellite

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Protocols – DNP3.0, MDLC

IT Networks and Cyber Security