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IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things

As veterans in the SCADA field, Star Controls embraces the advancements in IIoT, by offering a rich portfolio of different IIoT technical solutions for a variety of environments.


The supply of clean water and its architecture is not an easy or obvious task as most people may think. The water utilities are making constant efforts to maintain a flawless supply of high-quality water, which complies with regulatory while containing costs of operations and maintenance.


The IIoT or SCADA system provides remote monitoring and controls of the water supply infrastructure, including water sources, reservoirs, valves, pumps, and many other types of field instrumentation. The monitoring data includes information such as water quality, flow rates, pressure, runtimes and the number of pump starts.


It also provides general status on the various sites, including the power system, water quality, and site security. The IIoT or SCADA system enables control of pumps (based on user-defined setpoints), generators and other devices that are part of the infrastructure. It allows utilities to reduce power consumption and increase availability and longevity of the water supply infrastructure.


The IIoT and SCADA system can provide basic leak detect information that can be used directly to address leaks. It’s also integrated into NRW (Non -Revenue Water) systems, serving as the “holy grail” of information as well as executing processes that optimize the use of the existing infrastructure.

Environmental Monitoring

Star Controls recognizes this need for environmental monitoring and has a solution for any organization.  Starting from sensors, across the transmission platform, through data management, Star Controls provides monitoring systems for different markets.


Our monitoring systems support environmental regulatory, scientific study and operational needs. The monitoring systems can monitor a range of water quality, water supply, wastewater, hydrology, industrial and agricultural parameters. Our monitoring system can be integrated with other applications, such as SCADA, NRW, GIS, Hydrology and others.

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