From Zero to SCADA

From Zero to SCADA

VTScada software helps Jamaica National Water Commission adopt world-class monitoring and control system. The Jamaica National Water Commission (NWC) supplies 190 million gallons of potable water a day to its more than 400,000 registered accounts representing about two million people … Read MoreRead More

The Full SCADA Deal

The benefits of adopting a complete SCADA system over a sophisticated RTU-based solution. For over a decade, The Bahamas Water and Sewerage Company (BWSC) faced significant service challenges on the Island of New Providence. These included a lack of centralized … Read MoreRead More

Multi-Million Dollar Wastewater Treatment Plant new Installation Project in Nassau, Bahamas

Star Controls conquered a major milestone in a multi-million dollar wastewater treatment plant new installation project in Nassau, Bahamas in January. Partnered with ECS in Jacksonville, Florida, and Chester Engineers, headquartered in Pittsburgh, a plant-wide control system has been delivered … Read More

Star Controls Delivered the StaRTU and the WaterWorks Software Packages to Martin County

Star Controls delivered the StaRTU and the WaterWorks software packages to Martin County (FL). The products were part of an upgrade of the SCADA system, that involves the upgrade of the VTScada software to version 11.x, and replacing the RTU … Read More

Rubicon Water and Star Controls Completed the Commissioning of the 10 Solar Power Gates

Rubicon Water and Star Controls completed the commissioning of the 10 Solar Power gates at the SFWMD’s EAA-A1 project. Star Controls supported the SFWMD SCADA team to add special capabilities to the RTU, and simplified the integration of the Rubicon … Read More