From Zero to SCADA

From Zero to SCADA

VTScada software helps Jamaica National Water Commission adopt world-class monitoring and control system.

The Jamaica National Water Commission (NWC) supplies 190 million gallons of potable water a day to its more than 400,000 registered accounts representing about two million people across Jamaica.

Steady growth in the industrial sector has led to new residential communities in St. Andrew, St. Catherine, and other parishes across Jamaica.

As a result, demand for potable water began to overmatch the nation’s simple PLC-based monitoring and control system. In mid-2017, Star Controls was tasked to implement a full Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that would eliminate the need for operators to travel to each site to ensure readings and visually inspect equipment.

The initial project, commissioned in 2018, uses Trihedral’s VTScada software to monitor Motorola ACE3600 units at 19 remote sites. This phase was so successful that the Commission plans to significantly expand the system in the near future.

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The above is an excerpt from VTScada’s article: From Zero to SCADA 

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