StarCS The Flexible and Non-Binding Cloud SCADA

StarCS provides Cloud SCADA with features and flexibility that you can find only in Traditional (Self-Hosted) SCADA. StarCS serves different applications in Water, Wastewater, Environmental Monitoring, and Mission Critical such as Storm Water.

StarCS can be tailored to your specific needs.

StarCS is the only Cloud SCADA that enables customers to combine Self Hosted (Traditional) SCADA with Cloud SCADA and switch from one to the other.

By using off-the-shelf products, StarCS is the Cloud SCADA that allows you to disengage and reuse the equipment with a self-hosted or other Cloud SCADA provider.

StarCS offers unparalleled High-Availability, including a redundant network, and reaches remote sites that other Cloud SCADA services can’t cover.

StarCS offers different configurations of hardware and different enclosures.

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