StarCS The Flexible and Non-Binding Cloud SCADA

StarCS provides Cloud SCADA with features and flexibility that you can not find in other Cloud SCADA services:


  • Best of Both Worlds – combines features and capabilities of  “Traditional SCADA” with the affordability and simplicity of Cloud SCADA
  • Supports different applications – Water, Wastewater, Environmental Monitoring, and Mission Critical such as Storm Water.
  • Complies with CISA ( requirements for Cyber Security.
  • Advanced Local and Site-to-Site Control
  • StarCS can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Non-Binding – all components are based on Best of Breed Non-Proprietary Products
  • Open Architecture
    • Communications with Existing Smart Devices; PLCs, VFDs, Smarts Sensors
    • Integrate with other Cloud IIoT/SCADA service providers through MQTT protocol
  • Demonstrates Unparalleled High Availability
  • Support All Networks – Cellular, LMR, LoRa, Mesh, …
  • Offers Video from Remote Sites


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