Announcement: Star Controls Partners with MCA for Enhanced SCADA Solutions

Star Controls

We are thrilled to announce that Star Controls has established a partnership with MCA, a nationwide leader in the wireless networks, SCADA and IIoT markets.

This collaboration emphasizes our shared commitment to bringing forward-thinking and reliable SCADA solutions to various industries, including electric and power, oil and gas, and water and wastewater management.

A Shared Vision for Superior SCADA Solutions

As highlighted on MCA’s website, our alliance will enrich the SCADA landscape, where the demand for advanced solutions is continuously growing.

Star Controls brings a holistic approach to SCADA systems, ensuring not only technological excellence but also a consideration of in-house skills, operational maintenance, organizational culture, and financial aspects.

By combining Star Controls’ innovative products with MCA’s extensive experience, we aim to provide a unique SCADA system experience that stays ahead of the curve, guaranteeing reliability, security, flexibility, and resilience.

Empowering Customers with Cutting-Edge Technology

Our joint offering includes state-of-the-art products such as StaRTU, Star FlowCal, and WaterWorks.

Featuring Star Control Products:

StaRTU   is our revolutionary, one-of-a-kind software that allows you to easily configure your SCADA system through a simple user-friendly interface.

WaterWorks, a comprehensive package for water pumping systems management, allows even those with minimal programming skills to effortlessly set up and replicate configurations across an entire water system.

These solutions, along with others, demonstrate our joint commitment to empowering customers with the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance their self-sufficiency and operational efficiency.

Broadened Industry Reach

The partnership with MCA expands our reach across multiple vertical markets, allowing more organizations to benefit from our combined expertise and innovative solutions.

Our products and solutions, delivered by MCA, ensure operational efficiency and safety, contributing to smoother and more efficient operations.

As we move forward, Star Controls and MCA are excited to provide Cyber Secured SCADA and IIoT solutions featuring the best of breed products and exceptional skills. Weather its monitoring, control and advanced analytics of your mission critical infrastructure.

Commitment to Excellence

Star Controls is committed to embracing IIoT advancements, offering a rich portfolio of technical solutions for various environments. Together with MCA, we guarantee system reliability, security, and versatility, empowering organizations to build efficient SCADA and IIoT solutions that adapt to evolving market needs.

We invite you to learn more about our partnership, products, and how Star Controls and MCA are reshaping the SCADA landscape. Join us in celebrating this exciting collaboration as we work towards a more efficient, secure, and technologically advanced future.

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