Concerns of Remote Access to SCADA

cyber security
The Threat is Real and on the RISE!

Recent events, such as the City of Oldsmar (Florida), may have raised concerns of Remote Access to your SCADA.

Our partners, such VTScada provide guidelines on “how to” address the challenge.

You can read more about their response here.  

Star Controls can work with your IT to provide Cyber Secured Accesses to keep your productivity without compromising the safety of the SCADA System.

With its partners, such as Check Point, Star Controls can provide Risk Evaluation and provide recommendations and practices. 

Star Controls is your single source for full-service SCADA Cyber Security Solutions offering you end-to-end protection.

 At a granular level, all products and solutions that Star Controls work with offer the highest level of security at every critical stage of operation.

Our solutions cover the OT (Operational Technology, the traditional ICS/SCADA), as well as the IT ( traditional IT security). Star Controls provides a complete Cyber Security solution for the ICS/SCADA systems, which detect and protect any potential entry point into the system.

Its integrated and holistic approach stitches together Cyber Security for all components that are part of the SCADA system:

• Data Center – SCADA Servers and Front End Processors (or Gateways)
• Network – Devices, such as Wireless Radios and Gateways
• Remote Sites – RTUs/PLCs and Smart Devices and Site Security
Star Controls offers end-to-end, holistic approach, that integrates technologies, products, and protocols that were designed for the ICS/SCADA security, and leverages technical Star Controls’ know how.
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