Telemetry System for LNG Bunker/Transport Barge – Application Note

Star Controls recently released a new Application Note:  Telemetry System for LNG Bunker/Transport Barge


Application Note Overview

The application note covers a very-high-availability, cyber-secured IP-based wireless communication system for mission critical applications.
The use of wireless IP-based networks for industrial applications, such as Oil & Gas and Utilities, has been a common option. The IP
networks offer different modulation technologies, RF band, licensed unlicensed frequencies, different RF power, and coverage. The
common use of the IP protocol simplifies the integration of the end points for different applications, such as remote monitoring and
control, remote video surveillance, and connectivity between smart sensors and controllers.
The two main “show stoppers” from using IP wireless networks for mission critical applications are the availability of the “data link”
(i.e. caused by RF interference) and cyber-security, compare to the traditional “wire” based IP networks. Seaboard Controls and Star
Controls have joined efforts in the design and implementation of a wireless IP-based system that addresses the two “show stoppers”.
The system is based on multiple layers of hardware hot-standby (i.e. communications processors, wireless devices in different band),
combined with advanced IIoT (Industrial Internet of Technology) OSI-7 Layer protocol that enables “cluster” communications service.
Every component of the system complies with highest Cyber Security requirements.
The system was designed for an offshore application, to communicate between unmanned Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) transport barge
and the towing vessel. The system leverages today’s advanced technologies, ready for tomorrow’s, while addressing the challenges
that are associated with wireless communications for mission critical applications.


The barge is a double hull liquefied gas tank barge with a trunk deck. It is designed to be pushed from the stern, on the hip or towed
on a wire hawser. It is designed for “unmanned” operation in an inland waterway, coastal or offshore service.


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