StarComm & StarEvents Loggers

The Diagnostics products are independent software modules currently available for MOSCAD and ACE3600 RTUs. These products help optimize communications and efficiency of a system so you can get the most out of your RTUs.


The Diagnostic products include:

  • StarComm Logger
  • StarEvents Logger


StarComm Logger:

By providing the following features we are able to further optimize and utilize your system communication:

  • Hourly communication statistics from each RTU showing number of messages transmitted, received, retries, and overall efficiency
  • Storage of historical data (up to 2 months) in each RTU for manual, easy retrieval so you can monitor what has happened
  • Ability to send data directly to SCADA Software and continuously trend it for easy viewing and proactive troubleshooting.


StarEvents Logger:

One of the best resources for troubleshooting is an event history log in the RTU. With such a tool, you can pull up historical data from any Motorola MOSCAD or ACE3600 RTU that supports C toolkit. The product shows each change in the RTUs status and alarm points, as well as relays, analog changes, and general health indications so you can keep a close eye on your RTU.


A typical log looks like this:

07/22/15 07:15:09 High Level ON

07/22/15 07:15:12 Pump 1 ON (level = 6.2)

07/22/15 07:17:04 High Level OFF

07/22/15 07:17:11 Pump 1 OFF (Level = 2.1)

07/22/15 08:31:10 DI 14 ON

07/22/15 08:31:11 DI 15 ON

07/22/15 08:31:12 DI 16 ON


How Will Your System Benefit?

  • 1 second resolution for all events (default value, this can be modified as needed)
  • View sequence of events and precise time-stamp
  • Retrieve data otherwise lost during communication outages