Motorola RTUs

Motorola Remote Telemetry Units are our forte. In fact, our team members were integral to the development and invention of the first Motorola MOSCAD, and they helped make significant improvements that led to the development of the next generation of Motorola RTUs.  With over 120,000 Motorola SCADA RTUs installed worldwide, and over three decades of accumulated experience, it’s no wonder that Motorola RTUs are able to offer the best and most detailed SCADA Solutions. We are also an official Motorola VAR (Value Added Reseller).

Motorola Solutions

Motorola MC-Edge

Now more than ever, IoT devices operating in mission-critical environments require a new level of connectivity and security. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a man-made emergency, IoT devices are often on the first line of defense. When failure isn’t an option, turn to MC-Edge.


This intelligent gateway protects your sensitive data from cyberattacks with end-to-end encryption. Full authentication, bulletproof access control and digital signatures keep your information safe. And, with the ability to transmit information over radio, LTE and IP networks, it’s easy to migrate to an IoT network. Just choose the infrastructure architecture that works best for you. MC-Edge has you covered today, and prepared for tomorrow.



New: The IIoT is embracing the LoRA wireless technology

Are you familiar with LoRA wireless communications?

Are you aware that the Motorola MC-Edge RTU can act as LoRA SMART Gateway?

Contact us to find out.

Motorola ACE3600

Looking for the most cost-effective solution to your SCADA system needs? The ACE3600, 6th generation Motorola RTU, is without a doubt the leading SCADA RTU in the market in all aspects. Providing unparalleled availability, accuracy, security, productivity and product longevity greater any other RTU/PLC in the SCADA market, it’s ranked as the highest performing RTU in its suite, therefore, “ACE”.


By utilizing the most widely accepted seven layer protocol available in the industry, the OSI model, which promotes worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards, the ACE3600 reigns as the most reliable and secure form of communication over any SCADA system. Versatile network interoperability, powerful data management, and an intuitive user interface are just a few of the many ACE3600 features.


Combined with Star Controls’ StaRTU software, the ACE3600 is second to none from an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) perspective through the entire life-cycle of the SCADA system.

Motorola MDLC Protocol

Selecting an optimal data protocol for Wide Area Wireless Telemetry is at least as important as selecting the optimal RTU technology, the best Motor Control Center application program, and the most accurate sensors and control devices. The Motorola Data Link Communications (MDLC) protocol is especially suitable for systems, which require use of wireless media. Read more about the protocol, its features and reliability within the following links.


Still have a Motorola MOSCAD and need support? Great! We can help since our team helped develop the first Motorola MOSCAD. Despite its age, it’s still one of the leading SCADA RTUs in the industry. Star Controls’ StaRTU will rejuvenate your SCADA system, and “buy you system up-time” allowing you to migrate to the ACE3600 as necessary.