Remote Access Management – The Challenges

Challenges of Remote Access Management for Utilities Energy and Telecom:

  • Overwhelming Requests: Flood of requests for facility neutralization, arming, entry permits, and authorizations.
  • Poor Follow-up: Lack of documentation and follow-up for employee and contractor entries and exits.
  • Slow Permission Management: Limited ability to swiftly grant or revoke permissions.
  • High Operating Costs: Costly operations due to inefficiencies.
  • Emergency Response Gap: Lack of immediate solutions in emergencies.
  • Time Wastage: Inefficient direction leads to wasted time across facilities.

Introducing MekLock: Streamlining Operations with Ease:

  • Remote Access Control: Manage remote site access effortlessly.
  • Facility Control: Disarm and arm facilities remotely for enhanced security.
  • Contractor Monitoring: Monitor contractor entry into facilities for better oversight.
  • Automatic Lock Management: Seamlessly lock and unlock facility access points.
  • Permission Management: Grant and revoke remote permissions swiftly.
  • Control Room Efficiency: Reduce workload and calls in control rooms with streamlined processes.
  • Cost Savings: Significant cost savings through optimized operations.
  • App Integration: Access reports, maps, and status updates conveniently via the app.
  • Emergency Response: Instant SOS button for quick emergency response.

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