StarIIoT Gateway Water Kits

wavlet water kit

StarIIoT Gateway Water Supply Kit

The Water Supply Kit is integrated with both a pressure sensor and client selected and provided flow meter for complete water supply management. Monitoring various water supply parameters while using continuous feedback helps improve control of the water network and maximizes the output produced from existing resources and infrastructure.


The StarIIoT Gateway Water Supply Kit is the perfect solution for understanding the state of the water network at all times in order to better control pumps, monitor critical points in the network, as well as identify service interruptions, thereby ultimately improving overall network efficiency and maintaining a high level of service to consumers.


  • Dual Pressure & Flow Monitoring
  • Instant Situation Awareness
  • Create New or Extend Existing Network
  • Continuous Data Collection
  • Data Graphing and Reporting


  • Reduce NRW
  • Identify Pipe Leaks
  • Avoid Water Main Breaks
  • System Backflow Contamination
water supply kit

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StarIIoT Gateway Control Valve Kit

The Wavelet Control Valve Kit ensures a constant flow of water at a functional pressure and provides real-time information about a valve’s status directly into the control system. This energy efficient Kit helps operators monitor changes in thrust demand for pressure reducing valves leading to more accurate predictive maintenance data.


A pressure differential in the valve causes additional water to flow through the system, leading to wasted water. High pressures can also rupture pipes, damage fixtures, and result in safety hazards. Use of the Control Valve Kit ensures optimal pressurization for increased operational efficiency and reduced system failure and labor costs.


  • Easy Integration with Control Systems
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Improved Data Collection Accuracy
  • Energy Efficient


  • Monitor Pressure Gradients
  • Prevent Network Damage
  • Identify Service Interruptions
  • Reduce NRW

StarIIoT Gateway Reservoir & Tank Level Kit

Water storage in reservoirs and tanks is vital for ensuring a secure drinking water supply. The Wavelet Reservoir & Tank Level Kit facilitates improved management of water infrastructure and resources, providing data required to effectively balance water supply, water demand, and utilization of conveyance systems during peak and off-peak hours.


This Kit provides real-time data, which creates situational awareness of potential supply-demand mismatch. The cyber-secure, plug-and-play solutions for reservoir and tank level sensing enable pump optimization, resulting in energy cost savings and reduced downtime for maintenance.


  • Cyber-Secure
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Programmable Threshold Alerts
  • User-Friendly Data Management & Display


  • Manage Distribution & Conveyance Systems
  • Monitor Supply-Demand Mismatch
  • Pump Optimization

StarIIoT Gateway Water Quality Kit

Chlorine levels are highly regulated in most developed countries. While insufficient chlorination of water supply allows for growth of harmful bacteria and accumulation of excess minerals, over-chlorination causes unfavorable odors and taste and can even be carcinogenic.


The Wavelet Water Quality Kit is the perfect solution for autonomous and continuous chlorine monitoring in order to maintain health standards, customer satisfaction, and to stay in compliance with governmental protocol. Additionally, the sensor of the Wavelet Water Quality Kit not only monitors chlorine levels according to standard applications, but also includes advanced technology allowing for in-line monitoring of conductivity, pressure, and temperature.


  • In-Line Continuous Free Chlorine Monitoring
  • Multi-Parameter Probe
  • Real-Time Situation Awareness
  • Data Collection & Reporting


  • Safeguard Public Health & Safety
  • Comply with Legislative Regulation
  • Decontaminate Local Water Supply
  • Maintain Customer Satisfaction