StarIIoT Gateway

StarIIoT Gateway -- Industrial Internet of Technology

StarIIoT Gateway

StarIIoT Gateway is an all-in-one Cloud-Based monitoring system. It brings together end-to-end turnkey solutions that cover all your remote monitoring needs. Starting from the smart sensors, across the transmission platform, through data management. Wavelet offers unique monitoring kits to measure and monitor a range of water quality, water supply, wastewater, hydrologic and agricultural parameters. The Wavelet Kits are all designed to help facilitate more effective water network management.

The StarIIoT Gateway Kit features a fully integrated monitoring solution that fits seamlessly onto any water conveyance system and sends the data securely to you, regardless of the platform used. Our Kits provide you with total visibility of your networks. The Kits are easy to set up and use and can save you both valuable time and money.


Why StarIIoT Gateway?

We believe managing and protecting critical infrastructure and  resources should be:


Cyber Secure

StarIIoT Gateway Kits are embedded in every layer from the ground up with the most advanced cyber-secure technology, including sensor authentication and data encryption.



StarIIoT Gateway Kits are sensor-agnostic, utilizing various configurations of sensors and samplers. Easily installed and operating within minutes, Wavelet Kits can be used to build or extend smart networks.

cost effective

Cost Effective

As an integrated, modular, and preconfigured solution that allows for plug-and-play installation and requires minimal maintenance, StarIIoT Gateway Kits deliver an attractive total cost of ownership.

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Smart Networks

StarIIoT Gateway’s Remote Monitoring Solutions enable Smart Infrastructure Networks for the following Applications: 


Water & Wastewater

  • Optimal Water Supply Management
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Customer Service and Satisfaction
Civil Infrastructure

Civil Infrastructure

  • Prioritize Repair and Retrofit
  • Asset Management
  • Structural Health Integrity
  • Performance Assessment
Power Grids

Power Grids

  • Energy-Efficient Power Networks
  • Grid Integration of Renewable Energy
  • Stabilized Energy Network
  • Power Grid Security


  • Sustainable Ecosystem Management
  • Air, Soil and Water Data Collection
  • Monitor For Research Institutes
  • Natural Resource Impact Assessments
Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Pipeline Leak Detection
  • Increase Production
  • Optimize Fleet Management
Smart Cities

Smart Cities

  • Create Smart City Data Network
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Sustainable Development and Growth
  • Improve Quality of Life

Wavelet Kits


Water Kits

  • Water Supply
  • Control Valve
  • Reservoir & Tank Level
  • Water Quality

Wastewater Kits

  • Combined Sewage Overflow
  • Lift Station
  • Discharge
  • Wastewater Quality

Environmental Kits

  • Precipitation
  • Temperature Profile
  • Groundwater Level
  • Surface Water Level
  • Optical Water Quality