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Star Controls is a global professional education and integration company in the SCADA and Telecommunications fields.

Our dedicated team of engineers and trainers have been implementing and supporting customers with RTUs and SCADA software systems with unparalleled knowledge and expertise for many years. We believe that staff training and education are paramount for any responsible and progressive customer.

Star Controls is now offering a line of standard training courses, as well as, custom-tailored training where we transfer core knowledge.

Courses are delivered by Premiere Motorola Telemetry Specialists. Included in our syllabus, along with many important points of interests, we offer relevant hands-on training for the participant to immediately utilize, in the field, the knowledge gained from our specialist. In addition to knowledge transfer, we can provide comprehensive training with the attendees in their existing systems.


Motorola RTU Training Courses available:

Motorola ACE3600 RTU Programming Course (ACE1000 included on demand)


Upcoming Training

October 23 -25, 2018
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
(12:00 pm release time on last day)
Avanti International Resort
8738 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819


SCADA Staff, SCADA Programmers, IT Staff, Field Maintenance Staff



Comprehensive knowledge transfer on Motorola RTUs based systems (i.e. ACE3600 and ACE1000)


Know more about your SCADA/Telemetry system

  • How it works and how to take more control over it (better operation and maintenance).
  • Better-informed users have more control over their system.


Become more self-reliant and better able to troubleshoot and maintain the system

  • Make simple changes without calling your integrator.
  • Analyze, troubleshoot, and improve system reliability yourself.


Course Highlights:

  • Telemetry System Overview – “How everything works together”:
    • The Field RTUs, the Radio communications, and the SCADA software
  • Motorola RTUs Detail – “Everything you need to know about Motorola RTUs”
    • Hardware review and configuration
    • Wiring
    • Operation
    • Communications
    • Connectivity to other devices
    • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
    • Optimization
  • Radio Communications – “All about communications”
    • Radio Types Configuration and Operation
    • Communication methods
    • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
    • Optimization
    • Covering simple and complex networks
  • STS System configurations – Covering all types of component configurations in detail
  • RTU Connectivity to other devices
  • SCADA interacting – How to connect and display RTU data on a SCADA system (VTScada will be used as an example).
  • Local Displays – How to connect a LOCAL display to Motorola RTUs and use it to get readings, alarms, and perform controls
  • Simple Programming – Using STS to program simple I/O and communication routines
  • Introduction to C Programming
  • LIVE and hands-on – Class will be using live equipment for all demonstrations


Cost: $1,250 per Person

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