IOSight is a leading provider of data management and analytics solutions for utilities with over 100 installations worldwide. Our solutions include the iGreen best-in-class data management and BI platform and a suite of advanced analytics (AI) modules.

Our solutions enable clients address today’s challenges through practical data-driven management.


Some of our demonstrated use cases include:

  • Water reuse – Comprehensive monitoring and management of advanced water reclamation plants
  • Circular Economy – Optimization of biogas yield and recovered energy production processes at a WWTP
  • Water quality – Real-time surface water quality monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Operational efficiency – optimization of energy and chemical consumption at WTPs and WWTPs
  • Water loss management – non-revenue water in DMAs
  • Asset performance – data-driven asset monitoring and early fault detection


Our clients include mid-large water and wastewater utilities and water authorities. In the US, our clients include the City of Chicago Water Department, the Carlsbad and Santa Barbara Desalination Plants (CA), Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (CA), the State of Utah Department of Environmental Quality, and Southern Company (GA).


Solution Suite Overview

IOSight offers an end-to-end data management and analytics solution – from data foundation through
business intelligence outputs to advanced analytics and decision support algorithms.



iGreen – A comprehensive data management platform for the data-driven utility:

  • Multiple interfaces to all relevant data sources
  • Cleansing, modeling and storing significant amounts of data
  • Enabling diverse presentations of both straight-forward and processed data (reporting engine,
    online dashboards, GIS display)
  • Advanced features, including algorithm engine, rules driven event-management

iShed – Water quality monitoring and water security in rivers and watersheds

  • Integrated water quality index; Eliminates 95% of false alarms
  • Predicts time of arrival to any point downstream, combined with GIS view


iWT/iWWT – Decision support systems for water and wastewater treatment plants.

  • Chemical dosing optimization
  • Managing large energy consumers (e.g. pumps, blowers) and reducing energy consumption


iDetect – Early fault detection engine

  • Time series analysis based algorithm
  • Detects machine failure, quality exceptions, flows and pressures anomalies and more


iOptiNet – Water Supply System Optimization

  • Real-time network operations optimization
  • Water resources and delivery optimization; Optimized booster station control
  • Optimization of energy costs


iNET – Non-Revenue Water in DMAs

  • Online water balances based on minimum night flow
  • Calculates water-loss capacity in real-time, and supports managerial water-loss decisions


Solution Architecture