ISA 2017

2017 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium

Star Controls attended 2017 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium on August 8-10, 2017. … Read More

Jamaica National Water Commission – SCADA System for Kingston Area

Star Controls have been selected to provide SCADA system for the Jamaica NWC. The SCADA is part of a multi-year NRW (Non-Revenue Water) project that is led by Miya-Water (www.miya-water.com). The SCADA system will first cover critical sites in Kingston … Read More

Additional Major Utilities Joined the “StaRTU Club”

StaRTU customer base is growing during Q3/2016 (August – October 2016). Several large utilities, such as Martin County and the City of Orlando have decided to use the StaRTU. Both utilities have an advanced SCADA team, which identify in StaRTU … Read More

City of Lynchburg (VA) has Implemented the Ayyeka Wavelet Solution

The City of Lynchburg (VA) has implemented the Ayyeka Wavelet solution to monitor wastewater manhole to prevent spills. The solution was delivered in response to an urgent need that came during the upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant.  Wavelet brings … Read More